- About Our Shirts -

The Fit: Our shirts are considered slim fit, but they are not super slim. They are comparable to J. Crew or Brooks Brothers Slim Fit. We've designed them to be long enough to stay tucked in, but also the perfect length to wear casually untucked. Compared a shirt that fits you well to the measurements below. If you have questions just shoot us an email or call our customer service at the number provided. 


The Fabric: The fabrics we use are from what are widely considered the top shirting mills in the world: Albini, Thomas Mason, Canclini and Monti. These fabrics cost upwards of $20 a yard and are priced as such because they are well made (durable), comfortable to wear and have a stylish look. Even the basic colors have something extra that makes them stand out when compared to shirting fabric from other mills. 


The Construction:  We work with a family manufacturer in Portugal that produce shirts for top European and American luxury brands. They use a very high stitch count, mother of pearl buttons and the highest quality materials to ensure each shirt lasts as long as possible. Customers have reported that many of our shirts are going on over 4 years of regular wear with no issues.


The Price: Our shirts are inexpensive, in fact it is almost theft at the price we are offering them. I'm not kidding. Our landed costs on shirts is close to $40 and we sell for $65 usually. Why? Because we started Breyburn to give people access to the best apparel at prices they can actually afford. We personally don't want to pay over $100 for a shirt, but the reality is that these shirts, even at other direct to consumer brands, retail at $150+.